Kairos Downloads

Kairos 2012 Annual Report

2014 Kairos Overview

   Kairos Vision, Mission, Core Values and Statement of Faith
    Board of Directors Letter for Kairos Vision, Mission, Core Values and Statement of Faith
Communications Tools
      Kairos Style Guide
      Kairos Acronyms
      Kairos Master PowerPoint Template
      Statement of Faith
      Kairos Note Card (inside) 
      Kairos Note Card (outside) 
      Kairos Note Card (A2 Invitation Envelope) 
      KPMI Brochure
      AKT Location Listing and Important Notices
            Universal AKT Registration Form
            Principle Statements Regarding AKT Expenses
      Training Procedures for Non-4th Day Volunteers
      AKT Coordinator's Guide
      Financial Policies and Practices
            FPP Job Descriptions 
            Request to Open a Bank Account 
            Request for Cash Advance 
            Cash Disbursement Voucher 
            Receipt Log 
            Expense Reimbursement Form 
            Budget Template for States 
      By-Laws of Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc.
            History of Administrative Changes to the KPMI By-Laws
      Prospective KPMI Board or IC Member Profile 
            Questions for Incumbent Board Member Nominees 
            Questions for Newly Nominated Board Members 
            Questions for At-large International Council Candidates 
      Board of Directors - Responsibilities and Expectations 
      By-Laws of Kairos Prison Ministry International Foundation
      KPMI Board Motions from 1986 to Present (sorted by subject)
      Template for Board or IC Motions 
      Process for Kairos Documents
Strategic Planning
      Kairos Strategic Plan 2014 to 2019
Additional Weekend Material
      Blessing Before Meals (2000 version)
      Blessing After Meals (2000 version)

Note: Kairos Prison Ministry International has permission from Emmaus to use the two blessing songs below. Please use the melody and words as provided. Do not substitute with another melody for these two songs.
      Blessing Before Meals (Emmaus version) - English and Spanish Lyrics
      Blessing After Meals (Emmaus version) - English and Spanish Lyrics
New Starts
      Start-up Kit for a New Kairos Community
      Press Release - Kairos Prison Ministry Endorses New Re-Entry Fellowship Program
      Reentry Implementation Plan Proposal
      Reentry Implementation Plan Outline
      State Chapter Committee responsibilities for the Reentry Implementation Plan
      Reentry Implementation Plan for Local Ministries
Excellence Initiatives
      KI Excellence Initiative Instructions 
      KI Excellence Initiative Checklist   
            Setup for Excel 2003 
            Setup for Excel 2007 
            Instructions for Using The Spreadsheet 

      KO Excellence Initiative Instructions 
      KO Excellence Initiative Checklist 

      Kairos Torch Excellence Initiative Instructions 
      Kairos Torch Excellence Initiative Checklist   
      Advisory Council List
      KairosDonor for A New Advisory Council
      KPMI Pullup Banner Directions
      Merchandising Agreement
      Crossroad Bible Institute - Inmate Enrollment Form
      Crossroad Bible Institute - Enrollment Form for Team Members and the General Public
      Agape Coordinator's Master Contact List (e-mail to receive the list) Note: This list is only provided to confirmed Agape Coordinators.

KPMI Board of Directors and KPMI Foundation - Minutes of Meetings

For a copy of specific board minutes please contact the Kairos headquarters at 1-407-629-4948 with date of minutes needed and why they are needed.