Kairos Outside Downloads

Most Important Downloads

          Program Manual Index
          Kairos Outside Brochure
          Kairos Outside Guest Brochure
          Spanish Kairos Outside Brochure

Training Documents

          AKT Acknowledgement Letter

Team Formation Downloads

          Statement of Faith with Signature Line
          Volunteer Questionnaire   
          Team Application   
          Day Angel Application   
          Spiritual Director Questionnaire   
          Spiritual Director Application   
          Life of a Guest Reservation Form (Powerpoint)   
          Guest Reservation Form   
          Guest Reservation Form in Spanish   
          Guest Reservation Form from a Resident   
          Guest Reservation Form from Resident in Spanish   
          Confidential Medical Information Form    

Weekend Downloads

          Weekend Graduation Certificate
          From Anger to Love Exercise   
          Photo Release Form   
          Address Release Form   
          KO Blessing Song - Thank You!
          Walking In Love Instructions
          Template Letter to Guest Prior To Weekend

KO Documents for KI Closings

          Sample Cover Letter to Institutional Liaisons
          Kairos Outside Closing Presentation to be given by Kairos Outside Representative
          Kairos Outside Presentation given by Kairos Inside & Kairos Torch Volunteers (Use at Prayer and Share, Reunions & Retreats)
          "Cookies" and "The Ulimate Gift" Articles
          How to Send Someone to Kairos Outside - Adult Version
          How to Send Someone to Kairos Outside - Youth Version
          Guest Reservation Form from Resident
          Sample Letter from Kairos Inside Resident to Kairos Outside Guests
          Sample Letter from Kairos Inside Resident to Kairos Outside Guests - Spanish
          Guest Reservation Form from Resident - Spanish
          KO PO Boxes
          Kairos Outside Brochure
          Kairos Outside Guest Brochure
          Kairos Outside Guest Brochure - Spanish

Kitchen Entertainment Ideas

          Five Foot Nine
          Just a Bowl of Butterbeans
          Skit - Kitchen lessons
          Skit - Sister Act
          That Darn Stove
          We Are Called the Kitchen Crew
          We Have Decided to Serve You Dinner
          Abbott and Costello
          Good Meals
          I've Got a Secret
          Open the Eyes of my Heart Surgery
          Trust and Obey
          We Are Loved Casserole

Post Weekend Downloads

          Guest Weekend Review Form    
          Team Weekend Review Form    
          Post-weekend Duties to Keep Guests Connected
          Using Kairos Bibles and Discussion Guides to Enhance Kairos Outside

Reunion Downloads

          Reunion Ideas for Kairos Outside

Kairos Outside: Revealing the love. Reuniting the family. (3:37)
Doreen shares how the Kairos Outside program helped heal her, taking off the layers of guilt and shame, and allowing her to reunite with her incarcerated son.

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