2017 Annual Conference

2017 Workshop Descriptions

Accountability with Excellence, Ida Wheeler
Advocacy for Christ, Larry Choate and Michael Dyer
Advisory Council 101, Charlie Walls and Susan Dyer
Conflict Resolution from a Biblical Perspective, Dennis Foster & Janice Foster
Creating God's Presence - Kairos Inside Continuing Ministry, Helen White and Craig Combs
Creating God's Presence - Kairos Outside Continuing Ministry, Garnette Walls & Eloise Maddox
Developing Godly Servant Leaders, Marilyn Meeks & Frank Rowe
Fundraising: Asking and Blessing Others, Steve Newton and Deb Timmons
How to Be An Effective Prison Liaison, Phil Kaylor and Sandra Kuykendall
How to Better Use Kairos Tools, Communications Committee
      How to Better Use Kairos Tools Resource List
Learn Effective Recruitment Strategies, Volunteer and Guest Recruitment Committee
Music in Kairos, Earl Porter and Pearline Moore
Successful Weekend Leadership, Dixon De la Haye and Carol Boelter
The Art of Listening, Mary Ketter
The Importance of Clergy, Larry Whinnery and Beverly Upperman
The Importance of Continuing Ministry, Vanessa Velez-Cruz and Tony Coriaty
Training and Leadership Development, Cathy Farrell and Mike Gentry

Workshop Videos

Don and Dawnya Wineinger (17:21) - Kairos Inside and Kairos Outside Participants

Tommy Fisher (30:15) - Kairos Inside Participant

Jerry Larkin (12:55) - Kairos Inside Participant

Bruce Lee (15:02) - Warden

Jay Sanders (11:02) - Inmate Services

Evelyn Lemly on Being Present (13:22) - CEO, KPMI