2020 Annual Conference – Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference General Session Stream from Friday Evening

Watch the General Session as Kairos CEO Evelyn Lemly and guest presenters speak on how to help Kairos to BE PREPARED. Learn more about Kairos, and be inspired.

Virtual Conference Morning Devotion Stream from Saturday Morning

Watch Pastor Eugene Smith deliver an impassioned sermon on How the coming of Jesus is the "next big thing" and how we need to BE PREPARED for when the time comes.

State Chair Meeting

2020 State Chair Meeting Video Recording
State Chair Meeting Presentation
Ideas to Keep Volunteers Engaged
State Chair Conference Call Notes
Keeping a Strong Relationship with DOC Leaders and the Value

Workshop Presentations

The All of Ministry, Woodie Wood & Deb Timmons
            Powerpoint Presentation - The All of Ministry
Effectively Presenting Kairos, Denise Ball & Paul Soriano
            Powerpoint - Effectively Presenting Kairos
            Handout - Effectively Presenting Kairos
How to Get Agape, Vickie Gandy
            Powerpoint - How to Get Agape
Impactful Team Meetings, Scott Teague & Suzanne Olsen
            Powerpoint - Impactful Team Meetings
Kairos Inside Program, Billie Hunteman & Jim Hawley
            Powerpoint - Kairos Inside Program
Kairos Outside Program, Peggy Mirabal & Kay Wright
            Powerpoint - Kairos Outside Program
Kairos Torch Program, Vicki Spurgeon & Danny Brunt
            Powerpoint - Kairos Torch Program
            Handout - Kairos Torch Program
Making and Implementing a Plan, Mark Brown & Nancy Stockbridge
            Powerpoint - Making and Implementing a Plan
            Handout - Making and Implementing a Plan
Properly Conducting Kairos Inside Continuing Ministry, Tony Coriaty & Carol Boelter
            Powerpoint - Properly Conducting Kairos Inside Continuing Ministry
The Science of Kairos Ministry, Lisa Trahan & Michael Dyer
            Powerpoint - The Science of Kairos Ministry
            Handout - The Science of Kairos Ministry
Training and Leadership Development, Lauren Wiebe & Larry Choate
            Powerpoint - Training and Leadership Development
            Handout - Training and Leadership Development
Your Identity in Christ, Garry Masterson & Ruby Burris
            Powerpoint - Your Identity in Christ