2018 Annual Conference

Workshop Presentations

Accountability with Excellence, Lauren Wiebe & Robbie Northrop
Active Listening, Mary Ketter
            Handout 2 - Active Listening
Advisory Council Financial Training, Julie Collins
Agape 101, Chuck Merritt & Lorna Vickers
Ambassadors for Christ, Beth Maycumber & Don Setterloff
Creating Effective Relationships with Prison Staff, Sandra Kuykendall & Larry Choate
Evidence of a Closer Walk - Is Your Life Bearing Fruit, Greg Moser & Cythia Boswell
            Handout 2 - Evidence of a Closer Walk - Is Your Life Bearing Fruit
            Handout 3 - Evidence of a Closer Walk - Is Your Life Bearing Fruit
Excellence Initiative, Program Excellence Committee
Kairos Ezra for the Three Programs, Linda Wood, Jacki McKee & Tripp Smith
Fundraising: Asking & Blessing Others, David Ross
Godly Servant Leaders, Rick Wilminko & Barb Jensen
Healing Wounds and Trauma, Joy Stevens, Good News Jail & Chaplain Ministry
How to Better Use Kairos Tools, Communications Committee
            Handout 2 - Requesting Agape
Impactful Team Meetings, Scott Teague & Diane Yowell
Importance of Accountability Groups, Larry Elder & Doris Beard
Kairos Impact on Family, Recidivism, and Reentry, Program Coordinators
For a copy of this presentation, email kevin@kpmi.org as it is 1.2 GB.
            Handout 2 - Prison and Mental Health Statistics
            Handout 3 - Work and Opportunity Before and After Incarceration Statistics
            Handout 4 - Education and Corrections Population Statistics
KairosMessenger, Mike Springer
Kairos Torch 101, Gay Taft & Gwen Hartdige (Note: LARGE FILE)
Kairos Torch from an Administrators Perspective , Delmas (Woodie) Wood
Learn Effective Recruitment Strategies, Recruitment Committee
            Handout 2 - Recruitment Workshop
            Handout 3 - Recruitment Assessment
Mass Incarceration Overview, Karen Swanson, Director, Institute of Prison Ministries
State Level Financial Training, Julie Collins
The Role and Importance of Men in Kairos Outside, Panel Discussion
The Role of Clergy in Kairos, Beverly Upperman & Larry Whinnery
Training and Leadership Development, Mike Gentry & Susan May
Why is Continuing Ministry the Heart of Kairos, Tony Coriaty & Betty Carter

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